Unidad de cuidados intensivos veterinaria

El hospital veterinario Valencia Sur dispone de instalaciones especiales de cuidados intensivos y hospitalización. El departamento de UCI está dedicado a proveer la más alta calidad de cuidado a animales en estado critico.

Our department has a highly qualified personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our personnel consists of a Chief Veterinarian, 2 Veterinarians who are responsible for supervising the hospitalized patients, 2 Internal Veterinarians from the support department and 8 Assistants who ensure every patient’s greatest possibilities of care and recovery. In addition, our team of specialists, from other services, are in continuous communication with our department, we work together to ensure that your pet receives the medical treatment it needs.

It is divided into several rooms, a Hospitalization Room, an Isolation Room and an ICU. Being very important the cat rooms of both hospitalization and UCI to ensure their well-being. The cat rooms being very important in both hospitalization and ICU to ensure their well-being.

Our hospital also has an ICU that is specific to Neurology, which is something distinguishing and innovative in Spain.

We have advanced monitoring and we offer specific therapies for the vital support of critical patients.

We pride ourselves on being the only veterinary center in the world to have Mindrays most advanced ICU Ventilator, designed to keep patients unable to breathe through neurological or respiratory problems with the same safety as it is done in the best human hospitals.

We perform Blood Transfusions, Advanced Pain Management, Enteral and Parenteral Nutritional Support, ECG Monitoring, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Blood Gas Analysis and Laboratory Service.

Our service keeps in touch with your regular veterinarian, informing him/her of the evolution of your pet.

55 cages, pediatric units, long-stay BOX, independent walking areas, ICU BOX…