Servicio de urgencias veterinarias 24 horas

The Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital’s Emergency Service is at your pets’ service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our top priority is to offer the best care to our patients at the most delicate moments, so we have the most qualified personnel and the most advanced equipment.

As a reference center, the Emergency Department is made up of both, Veterinary Personnel with specific training in the care, management and treatment of this type of patients, and Different Specialists from each of our Hospital’s Departments. The coordinated work and the dedication of all its members allows us to offer our customers, and their pets, the highest quality care.

Time is of the essence when we face the many critical situations that come to our center. That is why we have one of the most extensive emergency teams in the whole Spanish territory, because prompt action and quality care can make the difference in the most complicated moments.

The staff directly involved in the emergency treatment of your pet is made up by:

   · 4 Veterinarians with a specialized training in the management and treatment of emergency patients, present 24 hours a day, every day, including weekends and holidays.

   · 1 or 2 people in charge of each of the services of Surgery, Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiology, Neurology, Anesthesia and Endoscopy are permanently available.

   · Tres auxiliares con dedicación exclusiva a la atención de pacientes recibidos de urgencia y su hospitalización si fuera necesario. Creemos que la comunicación y el trabajo en equipo con su veterinario habitual es una herramienta indispensable para poder afrontar con el mayor éxito posible las situaciones más graves y complicadas a las que nos enfrentamos día tras día. Por ello, hacemos especial hincapié en el flujo constante de información entre nuestro equipo y el veterinario referente.

Equipment available in our facilities:

   · Defibrillator with Pacemaker.

   · ICU Advanced Mechanical Ventilator.

   · Complete Hospitalization and Intensive Care Service, with Infusion Pumps for Fluid Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and other tools for the stabilization and maintenance of our patients.

   · 4 Operating Rooms that are perfectly equipped with Electrosurgery Equipment, Harmonic Scalpel, CO2 Laser, Diode, Vascular Heat Sealers, Mechanical Radiofrequency Sutures, which minimize, to the greatest possible extent, the time in those emergency procedures in which every minute is important.

   · We have 6 of the Highest Level Anesthetic Machines, with positive pressure ventilator and up to 3 ventilator modes, Advanced Anesthetic Monitoring Devices, with spirometry, BIS and gas monitor. Thus, the risk involved in urgently anesthetizing a critically ill patient will be the lowest possible.

   · Full HD Endoscopy Equipment consisting of both a flexible and a rigid system, as well as a large number of instruments (Baskets, Straps, Biopsy Forceps, Crocodile Clips, Injection Systems...) to perform both diagnostic procedures and extracting foreign bodies in a minimally invasive form.

   · And of course, we have the highest quality diagnostic tools including our MRI, CAT, High Definition Ultrasound, Digital Radiology, Fluoroscopy, Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instruments and a complete laboratory where to carry out any type of laboratory analysis.

Manuel Alamán and Julia Laliena direct the Emergency Department.