Veterinario animales exóticos 24 horas

What we do

The Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital provides assistance and specialized veterinary training in Medicine of Unconventional Animals: Birds, Reptiles, Exotic Mammals and Zoo Animals.
The hospital has a complete team to provide a full Internal Medicine Service, Surgery and ICU Hospitalization to exotic animals.


Internal Medicine

Infectious and parasitic diseases in exotic species pose high mortality rates if they are not correctly diagnosed and treated. The Exotic Animal Service offers the most advanced means for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that, even under correct maintenance conditions, may have serious consequences on the health of the exotic species.
The hospital laboratory equipment allows to minimize the time in the diagnosis of diseases and therefore their treatment, thus improving the prognosis of critical patients.


The Exotic Animal Service offers the most advanced techniques in surgical procedures in Birds, Reptiles, and Exotic Mammals, as the veterinarian responsible for the service specializes in Soft Tissue Surgery and Traumatology of Rare Animal Species, and is supported by the Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital’s Surgery Service.
The innovative Laser Surgery offers a surgical technique without bleeding, it decreases the anesthesia time of the patient and optimizes its recovery.
The anesthesia team and the complete preparation of the operating room decrease the surgical risk of critical patients.
El Servicio de Animales Exóticos HVVS ofrece la posibilidad de reparación de fracturas de aves, reptiles y pequeños mamíferos mediante las técnicas más sofisticadas de traumatología veterinaria. Los especialistas cuentan con una amplia experiencia en cirugía de pacientes de tamaño pequeño (gekos, ardillas, neonatos…) y el HVVS posee el equipo necesario para efectuar estas intervenciones.

Veterinario animales exóticos

Diagnostic Imaging

The Exotic Animal Service has the most advanced equipment for Diagnostic Imaging: Digital Radiology, Ultrasound, CAT, Magnetic Resonance and Fluoroscopy.
The CAT Service allows the diagnosis of diseases such as Neoplasms, Hernias, Abscesses and it allows an effective approach in complicated surgical cases.
Digital Radiology has become a fundamental element for the everyday Clinical Practice of Exotic Animals.


The Hospitalization of Exotic Animals requires maximizing the details of the patient’s care since most of them require hospitalization for serious reasons. For this reason, the Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital offers 24-hour care to our patients by highly qualified veterinary professionals in Internal Medicine and ICU for Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals.

Other Services

-Complete veterinary assistance to zoological collections (Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesia, Safety and Quarantine Protocols, Research Projects).
-Advice to veterinarians on Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases.
-Document Management to obtain the name of Zoological Core.
-Endoscopy of Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals.
-Incubation of Reptilian Eggs.
-Obstetric Service.