Servicio de oncología veterinaria 24 horas

The diagnosis, the research and the treatment of cancer is one of the greatest challenges for the current medicine. For this reason, the Valencia Sur Hospital has developed a team of specialists in Internal Medicine, Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging and Surgery that offer the maximum guarantees in the fight against cancer.

The most advanced means allow us to perform very complex diagnostic and treatment techniques; the MRI, the use of a Surgical Laser or of Radiofrequency being some of the options we offer.

The team of specialists poses and designs each of the protocols, in a customized way, for every patient, striving for the greatest well-being and for the possibility of success.

The administration of chemotherapy is carried out in specific rooms minimizing the stress of the treatments and their possible adverse effects thanks to an intensive monitoring conducted by vastly experienced professionals.

There is always a team veterinarian available to handle any setback or supervise a patient on treatment, offering a comprehensive Oncology and Internal Medicine service every day of the year.