Servicio de oftalmología veterinaria 24 horas

The Ophthalmology Department has all the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment required to focus, diagnose and treat, in collaboration with the referring veterinarians, the congenital and acquired pathologies of the companion animals that in other veterinary centers cannot be dealt with.

The Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department can help in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies such as:

Palpebral Pathologies

• Complex Entropions
• Ectopic Eyelashes and Distichysiasis
• Neoplasms. Adenomas
• Neoplasms. Papillomas
• Dermoid, Eyelid Reconstruction
• Conjunctival and Lacrimal Pathologies
• Prolapse of the Nictitating Membrane’s Lacrimal Gland
• Lacrimal Hyposecretion. Dry Keratoconjunctivitis
• Conjunctival Melanoma

Corneal Pathologies

• Therapeutic Lenses
• Wounds. Sutures
• Perforating Wounds and Iris Stalifoma
• Deep Corneal Ulcers. Conjunctival Flaps
• Corneal Melanosis by Nasal Entropion in Brachycephalus
• Indolent Corneal Lesions
• Corneal Ulcers with Collagenolysis
• Corneal-conjunctival Flap
• Corneal Sequestration
• Endothelial Deposits secondary to Intraocular Inflammation
• Descemetocele. Intraocular Infection

Iris Pathologies and Ciliary Bodies

• Iris Melanoma
• Adenocarcinomas
• Uveal Cysts
• Iridocorneal Angle Dysplasia. Glaucoma
• Iris Melanoma
• Persistent Pupillary Membrane
• Uveitis. Hemorrhage in the Anterior Chamber of the Eye

Pathologies of the Lens

• Generalized Cataract
• Focused Cataract
• Diabetic Cataract
• Mature Cataract
• Anterior Lens Luxation
• Posterior Lens Luxation

Retinal Pathologies

• Retinal Dystrophy
• Retinal Detachment
• Retinal Dysplasia