Servicio de odontología veterinaria

The care and treatment of diseases that affect the mouth of the dog and the cat is of vital importance; and sometimes, complicated. For this reason, we are one of the veterinary centers in Spain that has a highly specialized service in all the options of Diagnosis and Treatment in Dentistry and Veterinary Maxillofacial Surgery.

We perform Reconstructions of Dental Pieces, Endodontics, Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease, Inflammatory Diseases and Tumors of the Oral Cavity.

Our team is a reference in Facial Reconstructive Surgery, either by tumors or by congenital lesions such as cleft lip or trauma.

We have a Full Time, 24 hour, Service. You can make an appointment by calling 96 120 38 05 or by writing to:

We attend dental emergencies immediately, every day of the week, referred cases and scheduled surgeries, from Monday to Friday.