Servicio de medicina interna veterinaria 24 horas

Internal Medicine is the most important specialty in the diagnosis and medical treatment of diseases.

Many patients can suffer symptoms that require advanced tests and protocols directed by specialists, in our hospital we offer a nationally recognized Internal Medicine Service with national level with the highest level of expertise and the most modern and advanced equipment.

The department is headed by a European Graduate specialist and the team is completed by reference veterinarians that have a special interest and training in this field

In our Internal Medicine Service we can diagnose and treat digestive and respiratory diseases, cardiac, cutaneous, oncological and neurological problems... that is why we work together with intensivists, radiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and, if necessary, with the surgery service. Our aim is the correct diagnosis and the best possible solution, our target is excellence as a reference center.

To achieve our goal, apart from having a great human team, we have the most advanced equipment in Veterinary Medicine:

• Magnetic Resonance
• 16 cut CAT
• Fluoroscopy
• Full HD Rigid and Flexible Endoscopy
• Electromyography and Electroretinography
• Advanced Ultrasound and Echocardiography
• Holter
• Our own laboratory with Pathological Anatomy Service
• Blood Bank

Servicio de medicina interna veterinaria