Servicio de hemodiálisis veterinaria 24 horas

In veterinary, the experience to date was rather scarce. Up to now, only units used in humans have been adapted for use in dogs and cats with the limitations that this entails.

The Haemodialysis team is headed by Ignacio Mesa, a certified European specialist in internal medicine with extensive experience in the management of kidney diseases.

Roberto Bussadori, Jorge Llinás and José Rodríguez offer the highest level and experience as support in the procedures that require the intervention of a surgeon. In addition, the hospital has an anaesthesia and intensive care team for the proper management and control of these patients.

The Vetsmart unit that is part of the hospital represents an important step and a great opportunity for all patients suffering from kidney disease without response to medical treatment.

Servicio de hemodiálisis veterinaria

Main markers of the haemodialysis:

- Severe Azotaemia
- Severe Oliguria or Anuria
- Volume overload
- Severe electrolyte disturbances
- Renal support during recovery
- Treatment of nephrotoxic substances

The extensive facilities and state-of-the-art equipment complete and guarantee a reference service for patients with kidney diseases.
The use of the surgical arch allows us to place the catheter to the heart with maximum precision and safety.