Servicio de fisioterapia veterinaria 24 horas

The Veterinary Hospital Valencia Sur offers a complete service of physical therapy and rehabilitation located in a room designed for this purpose.

Rehabilitation is indicated in:

- Recovery periods of surgical and non-surgical pathologies of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.
- Helps to prevent injuries in sports and competition animals.
- Improves the quality of life of geriatric animals.
- Helps in weight loss programs in obese patients.

The rehabilitation service offers:

- Hydrotherapy: in underwater treadmill.
- Electrostimulation: TENS and EMS.
- Laser Therapy: 4th generation laser.
- Passive Therapies: massage, maintenance of the joint range.
- Active Therapies: balls, bohler plate, cavaletti...
- Termoterapia.

Servicio de fisioterapia veterinaria