Servicio de dermatología veterinaria 24 horas

We offer a highly specialized reference service led by Iván Ravera, a European Graduate, and we have all the means available to reach the diagnosis and carry out the most advanced treatments.

The diseases most frequently treated by our service are bacterial infections, allergies and associated pathologies, demodicosis that are complicated or resistant to therapies and other parasitic diseases, infectious and fungal diseases, auto-immune and hormonal disorders that affect the skin and skin cancer.

Routine diagnostic procedures are based on the microscopic examination of skin samples, serological tests, tests for the diagnosis of allergies and cultures.

Otoscope video to obtain the best images so as to carry out treatments of the external auditory canal and middle ear in a non-invasive way with excellent results.

The hospital also has the possibility to perform CAT or MRI in patients with vestibular disease or as support for the diagnosis of diseases of the auditory canal and the bulla.

The handling of the perianal fistulas in German Shepherds is another reason for referring to the vastly experienced Dermatologist.

We also offer a specialized service in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leishmaniasis.


You can arrange a visit by calling 96120 38 05 Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., our service always works by previous appointment.
If necessary, you can write to to the attention of the Dermatology Service, attaching all the information and files of previously carried out tests.

Servicio de dermatología veterinaria