Cirugía mínima invasiva veterinaria 24 horas

The Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital has incorporated the Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit from the Storz Company. This technology allows carrying out flexible, rigid endoscope and laparoscopic procedures with the highest precision and the best (graphic and visual) quality of the veterinary market.

Advances in the veterinary sector are constant and more and more customers demand the use of minimally invasive techniques similar to those used in human medicine. Awareness about the invasion of surgical procedures and pain control is increasingly established. These procedures allow us to reduce the pain, the inflammation, the bleeding and achieve a faster recovery with fewer complications.

Valencia Sur is also a training and research center with a strong teaching vocation. For this reason, implementing proceedings with magnified images and obtaining high-quality video is fundamental for both, the preparation of reports and presentations in courses and congresses.

In this line we have incorporated, for the first time in a private veterinary center in Spain, the VITOM Exoscopy Magnification System that allows us a visual amplification in Open Surgery and in Brachycephalic Syndrome Surgery. Thus, we have the ability to operate with much more detail and precision. This is a very important advance, at a clinical and teaching level, that we make available to all of the veterinary centers that are interested in both the presentation of our work and completing stays.

We have laser systems and harmonic scalpel, the most advanced technology in Surgical Treatment and Interventional Laparoscopy.

The team is led by the following Surgeons: Jorge Llinás, José Rodríguez and Roberto Bussadori.

As a Technical Adviser and Training Administrator, we have one of the most internationally recognized Endoscopists, Fausto Brandao.

We also have Fluoroscopy, Digital Radiology, CAT and MRI to complete many of the studies. All of this under the supervision of Vicente Cervera, a Diagnostic Imaging Specialist registered in the United States and in Europe.

Antonio Cañadillas, a renowned traumatologist, is responsible for Arthroscopy Procedures.

Iván Ravera, a European Graduate Dermatology Specialist, is responsible for the Non-invasive Procedures in research and Ear Pathology Treatments.

Cirugía mínima invasiva veterinaria